Expanding access to life-saving medication

CuraFi is a healthcare delivery and management company that provides specialty infusion services for patients with complex conditions.

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CuraFi Tools & Technologies

Infusions made easy

Tools & Technologies to Manage Infusions

We’re building a vertically integrated network of provider partners, virtual care management, and aligned specialty pharmacy to deliver cost effective care.

Infusion platform

Infrastructure for value-based care

Infusion provider network

Infusion Provider Network

First-of-its-kind network of independent infusion providers designed to deliver cost effective care.

Integrated Specialty Pharmacy

Integrated Specialty Pharmacy

Aligned specialty pharmacy lowers the cost of specialty biologics.

Tech-Enabled Backoffice

Tech-enabled Backoffice

Software layer automates administrative burden so that providers can focus on treating patients.

Empowering physicians

Designed for independent physicians

Empowering independent physicians

CuraFi MSO eliminates burdensome administrative work.

Improve margins

Offload financial risk

Automate back office

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